Why use 5Text?

The smart, easy, quick way to pay your Toll without having to provide private, valuable, personal information.

  • You do not have to give us Credit or Debit Card information
  • You do not have to give us Bank Account details
  • You do not have to pay us a Monthly Account Fee
  • You do not have to rent or purchase a Tag
  • You do not have to register any important information
  • You do not have to tell us where you live
  • You do not have to tell us what type of car you drive
  • You do not have to tell us what you work at or if you work
  • You do not have to tell us your marital status
  • You do not have to tell us how many children you have or want

The only information you must provide us with is by text:

  • Your Car Registration (Capital Letters no spaces)
  • Space
  • The Toll used, e.g. M50
  • Space
  • The direction you travelled - N/S/E/W
  • Space
  • The class of vehicle you travelled in (1=Motorbike, 2=Car, etc.)

Text this via SMS to 57827. (5STAR™). Simple!

(This applies to U.K. and Republic of Ireland ONLY.)

Check the Short Code for the Toll Operators operation in your area worldwide.

Once you have done this, and providing you have a Bill Pay Account, or sufficient credit on your Pay As You Go Account, the appropriate fee will be charged to that account and credited to the Toll Operator. You will then receive an SMS to confirm you have paid the Toll and the class of vehicle’s appropriate fee. This SMS (text) has an electronic receipt number in it confirming you have paid the fee.

And the beauty of this service is that once you've used it once we will remember you and the next time you use any Toll on which the service works you will receive an SMS stating that you've gone through the Toll and asking if you want to pay the Fee.

Text and Pay with just few click registering or buying a tag

Pay your Toll Road fee via your phone. Never incur a fine for non-payment of a Toll fee. After using the barrier free toll lane simply enter via SMS your car registration number, followed by a space and the Toll Code, for example M50 N(for north) or M50 S (for south), followed by a space and the vehicle class (2 for a car) and text to 5star(57827) and our service will pay your Toll fee* and deduct the cost from your phone account.